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Roofing services

Beyond servicing or installing your roof, our experts help you make informed decisions by walking through your repair and installation options as well as the advantages of each design style, color and material. The result is a long-lasting roof that boosts curbside appeal and meets village and county codes without breaking the bank. 



Roof tear-offs

We completely remove your existing roofing system, inspect the structural integrity and install a new roofing system that meets your needs.


Roof repairs and maintenance

Our experts are available round the clock to inspect roof damages and promptly repair the issues.

Ridge vents and roof ventilation


Lead boots

For all roof tear-offs, our team replaces boots and liners at no additional cost. 



Flashing protects areas of the roof where two elements like the shingles and chimney come together. For roof tear-offs, we can install new flashings at the homeowner’s request for an additional charge.

Re-roofs VS Tear Offs
We at APEK offer roof tear offs as opposed to re-roofing for the sole purpose to offer less headache for the home owner. Unfortunately the longetivity of re-roofing is questionable as opposed to a complete tear off and starting with a fresh layer of shingles. In addition, our roofers can also assess if there is any damage to the wood deck as opposed to it being hidden by simply going over another layer of shingles.

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APEK Financing Icon-01.png

APEK Inc is proud to offer financing options to our customers. We realize that many  home improvement projects can become a costly investment. We want to ensure our customers have every possible option to gain the home of their dreams. Be sure to speak to one of our estimators to obtain more information.


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