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soffit, fascia and gutter services

Soffit, fascia and gutters each provide vital functions to your home and shouldn’t be an afterthought. It’s essential to keep them looking clean and functioning to ensure your house is well-ventilated and free from water damage. To get a quote to replace or repair your soffit and fascia or gutters, call your neighbors at APEK.




If your home has a roof overhang, the underside panels are called soffit. To ensure proper ventilation and to meet standard SMACNA procedures, our soffit panel installation includes all J-Channel, details, fasteners and fabricated accessories.



The trim around your roof that covers the rafters is called fascia. Fascia installation includes all accessories and fasteners and caulking if necessary. We also color coordinate your fascia and soffit for a clean look.


Gutter installation

Our experts will install the highest quality seamless aluminum gutters around the perimeter of your roof to keep water away from your home.



During gutter installations, we install all new downspouts, including elbows, new straps and other accessories, which are all color coordinated.


Gutter guards

At the homeowner’s request, we can install a Leaf Guard System that prevents leaves, twigs and other debris from clogging gutters for an additional cost.


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APEK Financing Icon-01.png

APEK Inc is proud to offer financing options to our customers. We realize that many  home improvement projects can become a costly investment. We want to ensure our customers have every possible option to gain the home of their dreams. Be sure to speak to one of our estimators to obtain more information.


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